27 April 2008

York Redoubt (27 April 08)

York Redoubt is a designated national historic site and served as an important part of Halifax's defence complex.

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The fort York Redoubt was built on a bluff overlooking the mouth of Halifax harbour. During the 19th and 20th centuries the fortress was expanded, becoming the nerve centre of all harbour defences. Anti-submarine nets stretched from below York Redoubt to McNab's Island, situated in the middle of the harbour.

During World War II, York Redoubt served as a command centre and is considered to have the first radar station constructed in the world.

The fortress remained in military use until 1956.

1. Grounds at York Redoubt

2. Grounds at York Redoubt

3. Inside the 'Blacksmith' building.

4. Inside one of the accessible wall tunnels at York Redoubt.

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