10 May 2008

Rehabilitation Centre (8 May 08)

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Chris, a UE enthusiast from Scotland on Thursday evening. We collected two other locals before crossing the bridge bound for Dartmouth.

During the course of the evening, we took a ~two hour tour of a county rehabilitation centre abandoned since 2002.

The hospital itself has been open and exposed to weather for years so much of the interior of the building is falling apart. One of the locals fell through a wall into the next room while dodging one of the six million pigeons who now call the deteriorating building their home.

On the outside of the hospital is a mock trailer park, complete with nearly forty trailers, derelict cars and, well, almost everything you'd expect to find in a trailer park. A successful television show was filmed outside the hospital before it was canceled after seven seasons and a movie.

Sadly, I have no pictures to share. Lighting was poor since we arrived at dusk. The others managed to take a couple photos which I hope to be able to post here when they become available to me.

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Nootz said...

You're more than welcome to use some of my pics. And thanks for mentioning that I fell through a wall...now I can be embarrassed by this on the internet too. At least nobody caught that on video.