21 April 2012

York Redoubt Walkabout

Earlier today I drove out to Ferguson's Cove, to York Redoubt, a National Historic Site of Canada. York Redoubt was established in 1793, and was built up over the next 150 years. The redoubt was essential to harbour defense throughout both world wars before it's closure in 1956.

I hadn't been to the area in well over a year. After double checking the time the gate would close, 6pm, I headed for the caponier tunnels. I anticipated the closure of the more extensive tunnel and was correct. The far tunnel remains open. The stairs crumbled away years ago, and the tunnel is still popular with big, ugly spiders.

I circled around to the exterior wall of the sealed caponier tunnel. There, I was able to reach in and take some crude shots of the interior.

My next stop was the cliff-side cave. It's still flooded but I was able to navigate my way inside wearing only sneakers.

After leaving the cave, I made my way down the path to York Shore Battery, and the three light emplacements just beyond it. York Shore Battery is closed because many parts of it are unstable. I was sure to watch my step venturing out on a rooftop for several photos.

York Shore Battery was built for World War Two. It was armed with three guns and controlled the mines at the harbour's entrance.

I climbed down the bank to the shoreline and approached the light emplacements from below due to the unstable terrain above. The light emplacements smelled of fresh spray paint.

From the light emplacements, I walked a beaten path straight up the hill. In hindsight, I would have preferred to walk back the way I came. I didn't fall until I could see the top. The path left me backtracking considerably to return to the parking lot.

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13 April 2012

Downtown Developments

I took a short walk across the waterfront earlier this afternoon. Along the way, I stopped at several of the downtown buildings that are undergoing extensive renovations. And one that isn't.

Preparation for the nine storey Waterside Centre at Historic Properties continues. Aside from exterior structural supports, not very much progress is visible from the outside.

The site of the Chronicle Herald building, demolished in March 2010, remains a wasteland. It's quite an eyesore, with garbage piling up against the fencing and in deep holes in the foundation.

The addition of several levels at City Centre Atlantic is progressing. This photo from Birmingham Street, near Spring Garden Road.