29 April 2010

Ships of Halifax Harbour - Part One

Before it started to rain this afternoon I enjoyed a cup of coffee on the waterfront beside the museum ship CSS Acadia. Before I moved on, I snapped a few photos of the Acadia and some of the other vessels that are staples along Halifax's waterfront.

The ship icons on the map below are click-able. Clicking on a ship will display info about the vessel.

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1. HMCS Sackville
HMCS Sackville

2. CSS Acadia
CSS Acadia

3. Tall Ship 'Mar'

4. Tall Ship 'Silva' (Photo substituted 05-May-10)

5. Theodore Too
Theodore Too

6. APA Pilot Boats

23 April 2010

Quick Update

Progress is being made on the retrofitted Nova Scotia Power HQ on Lower Water Street.

Helicopter drills involving multiple Canadian Forces choppers were underway today above CFB Shearwater and across the harbour. Sea King helicopters were taking off, circling, and landing. As one would take flight, another would land. This went on for quite some time.

Link: Canadian Forces - CH-124 Sea King

1. Retrofitting of the NS Power building in progress.

2. Helicopter drills above CFB Shearwater.

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05 April 2010

Toronto Walkabout

On Sunday Chris and I were bounced from the hostel at 11am so, after breakfast at a surprisingly small Cora's, we walked around the city until it was time to fly out.

1. From the CN Tower looking at the City Centre Airport.

2. More from the CN Tower.

3. Banks

4. Bays 24 - 31 at John Street Roundhouse, a preserved locomotive roundhouse below the CN Tower.

5. Restored CNR locomotive #4803 at the John Street Roundhouse. See link.

6. Reinhart Vinegars RVLX 101, a wooden vinegar tank car, built in 1938 currently at John Street Roundhouse under plastic cover. See link.

7. Ontario squirrels are far bigger than Nova Scotia squirrels. That one was the size of my cat.

8. Leaving Toronto on Sunday evening. Hearn Generating Station in the distance.

03 April 2010

Welcome to Toronto

I made the trip to Toronto on Friday with a friend from Scotland.

We arrived early in the evening after a day of flight delays in at Halifax's Stanfield International Airport. Something to do with fog in Newfoundland on Thursday.

We met our guides and after a meal, a short drive and a long wait in the sketchiest bushes I've ever stood in, we found ourselves on the roof of an out of service electrical generating station.

1. Downtown Toronto. CN Tower at left.

2. The new neighbour.