11 December 2010

Shoreline Erosion at York Shore Battery

While out walking earlier a few weeks ago we walked around the perimeter fence at York Shore Battery, below York Redoubt, to check things out. I hadn't been to the World War II era anti-submarine station in several months.

Not surprisingly, very little has changed at York Shore Battery since my previous visit. We did, however, notice that the erosion of the shoreline below the battery is rapidly deteriorating. Much of the reinforcements have failed.

The missing soil makes accessing the three adjacent light emplacements difficult and we didn't attempt it. You'll need to travel through the brush over unstable earth to make the trip.

York Shore Battery itself is not yet in danger of falling into the harbour. That shouldn't happen. However, the foundation of at least one of the light emplacements is being washed out on a regular basis. There will come a day when it, or they, will topple, depending on how well they're anchored to the hillside.


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