Exploring Locally
  • Abandoned Nova Scotia - sonikgirl's blog featuring various locations from around the province. 
  • Trevor Beckerson - Photographer - Trevor is one of the most active urban explorers I know, and an excellent photographer.
  • Shaun Lowe Photographic - Nova Scotia based photographer specializing in landscape, commercial, editorial stock imagery.
  • Urban Exploration Resource: Canada: Other - An active forum for the discussing urban exploration in the Canadian Maritimes, Prairies and Far North.
  • Taylor Made Tours - A privately owned (Capt. Steven Taylor) and operated passenger ferry service to McNabs, Lawlors and Devils Island. The only ferry operator I will call.
  • Friends of McNabs Island Society - A volunteer, non-profit, registered charity, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, that is dedicated to the preservation of McNabs, Lawlor and Devils Islands.
  • The Nova Scotia Historic Places Initiative - An online list of historic places in Nova Scotia that have been recognized to have heritage value at the local, provincial, or federal level.
  • Canadian Register of Historic Places - Provides a single source of information about all historic places recognized for their heritage value at the local, provincial, territorial and national levels throughout Canada.
  • The Canadian Navy Heritage Project - Providing a centralized repository of information on the customs, traditions, history and heritage of the Naval Service in Canada.
  • (Nova Scotia) - "A Catalogue and Gazetteer of Forts and Fortresses, .., Blockhouses, Garrisons, .., and Seacoast Batteries in the United States, Canada and associated territories."
  • NSExplore - A great directory of all kinds of interesting places in Nova Scotia. Plane crash sites, caves, summits and other notable places listed by county. They have some of the oldest maps around as well.
Urban Exploration Blogs & Websites
  • Urban Exploration Resource ( - Offers articles, photo galleries, stories, and an active forum for the Urban Exploration and Infiltration Community.
  • Atlantic Canada Urban Exploration Facebook Group - Facebook group dedicated to the Urban Exploration / Infiltration of Atlantic Canada.
  • The SYSTEM - TurboZutek's 'Urban Exploration in Scotland,' and across the world.
  • - The zine about going places you're not supposed to go, like tunnels, abandoned buildings, rooftops, hotel pools and more. Infiltration offers a mix of the practice and theory of urban exploration in areas not designed for public usage.
  • - A German UE website devoted to digitally immortalizing decaying objects.
  • urbexObsession - Showcasing abandoned buildings, ghost towns and generally historical things in Canada and the United States.
  • UrbEx Barrie - Acquaintances who love to capture images of delicious structural decay in Ontario, Canada.
  • Opacity - Accounts of nearly 150 abandonments explored and the nearly 6500 photographs taken at them.
  • Urban Exploration Montreal - UEM is a small group of urban explorers based in Montreal, Canada.
  • Drainsofmycity - Reduxzero's detailed accounts of explorations on Drainsofmycity date back to 2001.
  • - Metawaffle's "excursions in (mostly nocturnal) photography."
  • The Light Of Decay - Multiple featured galleries and a huge photo archive by Yami Doki.
  • Urban Exploration Magazine - is an urban exploration publication dedicated to all aspects of urban exploration; photography, ethics, types of locations, equipment, stories, anecdotes and humor.
Everything Else
  • Halifax ReTales - ReTales tracks the goings on of the Halifax Regional Municipality retail and restaurant scene.
  • East Coast Proud - East coast news, media, information, articles, merch, more.
  • - Large online community based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • SkyscraperPage Forum (Halifax) - Online resource for skyscraper and building enthusiasts.
  • Shipfax - A blog about ships and shipping in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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