13 June 2010

NS Power redevelopment, Seaport Farmers' Market + Boats!

Some brief updates on development (and redevelopment). The Nova Scotia Power (NSP) redevelopment of the former power station at Lower Water Street and Marginal Road remains on schedule for completion March 2011.

Next door to the NS Power construction is the new Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market, scheduled to open next month (July 2010).

Tall Ships.. Another tall ship is in port this week. The French schooner Rara-Avis is at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Like the Roald Amundsen earlier this month, the vessel is protected by a security perimeter and twenty-four hour guard.

I would imagine they are doing periodical public tours of the boat.

Some photos from the June 9th:

1. NSP's redevelopment of the former Lower Water Street thermal power station.

2. Glass now being installed on side facing Georges Island.

3. Glass on the north side of the build has been installed for several months.

4. Construction of the new Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market is progressing.

5. Rara-Avis and CSS Acadia.

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