25 June 2010

Halifax International Fleet Review Arrivals - HMCS Toronto

I've been following as much of the Halifax International Fleet Review (IRF) as I possibly can.

Ships are now arriving regularly. Many of them will be open for public tours beginning as soon as tomorrow at 10am.

At approximately the same time this morning the Canadian frigate HMCS Toronto came into port and moored at the Nova Scotia Power redevelopment. Like all the other IFR ships to come to port this week, HMCS Toronto was escorted into the harbour by half a dozen small crafts. The boat closest to me was occupied by two sailors - the pilot carried only a sidearm, the other an assault rifle.

Prior to the Toronto's arrival the Glen-class naval tugs were busy installing a temporary dock for the frigate.

HMCS Toronto is moored just south of two American ships, the USS Robert G. Bradley, a general purpose escort vessel and USS Gettysburg, a guided-missile cruiser.

At the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic the Canadian Navy's flag-ship HMCS Athabascan is awkwardly moored in front of HMCS Sackville, the last remaining corvette, and CSS Acadia, a refitted science vessel that served in both world wars.

Some photos from this morning's walk.

1. HMCS Toronto

2. HMCS Toronto

3. HMCS Toronto successfully moored.

4. HMCS Athabascan (and just a bit of CSS Acadia)

5. USS Robert G. Bradley and USS Gettysburg

6. CFAV Glenside

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