28 May 2010

Purcell's Cove Foundation

Near Purcell's Cove Road lies an odd foundation in the middle of the forest.

I know next to nothing about it.

My best guess is that it was built and utilized by our military but has been unoccupied, perhaps even totally abandoned since World War II, at the absolute latest. The area is entirely grown in however it is easy to tell where roads and clearings once existed. It has been growing unchecked for a very long time, at least sixty-five or more years in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I can't share this location's coordinates as its condition is pristine and I'd hate to see it vandalized because of something I wrote here.

1. On Approach.

2. Inside.

3. Nearby.

If you happen to know a thing or two about this structure and would like to share, I encourage you to contact me through this website or any of my links on the right.


Janet said...

Hi Corey: My understanding is that there have been various military installations since soon after Hfx was founded up until post WW2in the area above Purcell's Cove. From your description of the foundation, I'd suspect this one is vintage WW2.

Corey said...

I believe you're correct. I've learned it was an anti-aircraft battery built in 1942.