07 August 2014

Maritime Meet-Up 2014 - Part Two

After bushwhacking around Chebucto Head and a mystery location earlier in the day, we drove to Eastern Passage. We had arranged for Captain Steve Taylor to take us to McNabs Island via ferry. Once everyone was done commenting on the size and weight of my backpack, Captain Taylor took us across.

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We landed on the island at Wreck Cove's beach and set for Wambolt Trail. This trail skips Fort McNab taking you directly to Garrison Road. From there we hiked around McNabs Pond, to the rocky shoreline, and then up to Strawberry Battery where we set up camp for the night. It was here that they stopped talking about my backpack, and began talking about the colour of my tent. Neon green, it isn't exactly subtle.

Strawberry Battery offers superb views of Halifax Harbour. Looking over the light emplacements, south up the island's shoreline toward the open ocean...

It eventually got dark and we made our supper. Some had brought and cooked bison, some left their food in their truck parked at the wharf, and some roughed it a little more than others.

This was my dinner. It was delicious.

It wasn't long after dinner and some discussion that we packed it in for the night, ending day one.

Stay tuned for Part Three. Hopefully I can get to this trip's highlight without a Part Four.

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