19 February 2010

Making room for the Waterside Centre

On Monday I took a few minutes to wander around the Historic Properties area where several of the city's oldest building are being demolished and/or re-purposed to make room for the Armour Group's Waterside Centre.

As of February 15, the Harrington MacDonald-Briggs Building (built 1820) is mostly demolished. The Imperial Oil Building (built 1926) has been gutted on the inside and is without windows. On the corner of Duke and Hollis, the Shaw Building (built 1903) and adjacent Fishwick & Company Building (built 1820) have their ground level windows covered.

1. From left to right: Morse Tea, Briggs, Fishwick & Shaw.

2. Shaw Building (built 1903) sits on the corner of Duke and Hollis.

3. Imperial Oil Building at Duke and Upper Water.

4. Inside the Imperial Oil Building (aka O'Carroll's)

5. Left to right: Imperial Oil Building,
Harrington MacDonald-Briggs Building and a vacant lot where the P. Martin Liquors Building (built 1875) stood prior to demolition in 2008.

6. Looking inside the Harrington MacDonald-Briggs Building from Hollis Street. See link for pre-demolition Street View.

The buildings that are being re-purposed will retain their exterior, street-level facade.

The block should look like this once it is all said and done.

Photo: http://www.hpwatersidecentre.ca/

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Rebecca said...

That looks hideous...they could have at least tried to give a nod to the historical character of the facades, aesthetically.